About Us

This is a cooperative effort of many churches and individuals to bring relief to the hungry, sick, naked, and homeless of Haiti. Our ultimate goal is to bring them to Christ through providing for their physical and spiritual needs. Relief is given throughout the country of Haiti without regard to race, religion, or creed.

100% of Proceeds go to Haiti Missions

These are the missions supported by the Auction….

Christian Aid Ministries

Haiti Relief and Missions

Life Literature

Christian Witness Missions

International Faith Missions

Palm Grove Missions


  • Haiti Christian Union Missions
  • Blue Ridge International for Christ
  • Mennonite Gospel Missions
  • SLM Ministries
  • Light On The Mountains Children Home
  • International Fellowship Haven
  • Open Hands
  • New Horizons Ministries
  • Redeemed Ministries

Also check out our facebook page for more updates     https://www.facebook.com/NYHaitiBenefitAuction


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sallie Jensen

    A friend of mine lives out of the area and was not able to attend the auction. They would like to give a monetary donation. Can you please provide an address where money can be sent?

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